Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The screaming toddler

Most people know the agony of a screaming infant. The colicky baby. But have you experience a toddler screaming because of pain? Or a toddler screaming because they are stuck in a nightmare and can't wake up? My little three year old was the perfect 2 day old. She was mellow and happy and she continued this way until she was a bona fide infant.

At about 6 months my baby was a professional crawler. She got into every think and always found something to swallow that would end up in her diaper. Every thing was fine and good and the at night she started waking up with symptoms of colic. But 6 months don't have colic, that is what I was led to believe. My older kid would scream, but it wasn't scheduled, and it was relieved by nursing, even if I was empty. Anyway, My little baby would wake up in the middle of the night screaming, with a stomach as hard as a rock, and completely inconsolable. nursing her in a chair sitting up was how we ended almost every night, with me sleeping sitting up, sometimes with baby attached.

to be continued....

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