Sunday, May 13, 2012

Who is the Perfect Mother?

You may have guessed from reading my previous posts that I am a complainer. When I think of Mother's day, I think of a mother who is kind, patient, never complains, and is always sacrificing herself for her children. I realized, after being a mother for 7 years (I count being pregnant as being a mother), that not only am I none of those things, that there is only one person who perfectly fits that description.

Today we honor mothers. They are deserving of honor, not because of what they do, but because of the unique vocation given them by God. God has glorified motherhood through Mary. He chose her as the means by which salvation was born to the world.  He could have chosen any way for Christ to enter the world, but he chose Mary. He created Mary for this particular purpose.

So not only because of Mary, but especially because of Mary, the perfect mother, we honor mothers. A mother was chosen to help redeem the world from sin, both original and actual. Mary is the New Eve. Eve brought us death and Mary brought us life, not just earthly life but life in Christ, and Christ gave us Mary as our spiritual mother.

I am hardly the mother I envision mother's day honoring, but I will accept the honors given to mothers today, not because of me, but for the sake of honoring the privilege of being a mother. This vocation is justly honored because God has honored it in a unique way.

Today I look at my children. I thank God especially for them. I thank God for the sweet baby lost to me. Without these five miracles, I would not be a mother. I would not be like the Blessed Mother. I aspire to be like her more. She is the perfect description of mother's day.