Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Tale of the Laundry Giant

The story begins deep beneath my house where the laundry piles start. Bedding and sheets for every bed being thrown down because of a tick epidemic. My daughter wearing 3 different outfits a day. My son getting soaked from playing in the rain. The laundry falls down the laundry shoot (thank God I have one of those) and fills up a basket that overflows. After the Memorial day party I decided it is time to tackle the Laundry Giant and begin the massive task of sorting washing and folding laundry.

Ok. That title is a little misleading. This is really about a giant load of laundry, and my struggle fighting it.
You can see the pictures of the pile of laundry in my basement, you cannot see how enormous it is, because I took a picture with stitch assist, and then I couldn't find the software and long story short, the laundry pile is even more enormous than you see.

I am very aware that there are families out there with even more laundry, much more laundry. What I can't figure out is how a family of a tot, two kids and two adults makes that much laundry in one week.

Actually this happens to me about once a month. See for three weeks out of the month I think things are good. I've got a great rhythm. Clothes are getting washed and put away. Everything flowing then suddenly it seems like I just did a load the other day, and there actually is this huge amount in my basement and no one has any clothes.

And I was just thinking one week out of the month things are good and flowing the other two weeks I have clean laundry in laundry baskets all over my house because I can't commit myself to folding it. Then people come over and I have to hide them in my bed room. Laundry Chaos.

So one load at a time I am going to wash that laundry. I am going to fold or hang and put away every piece of laundry. And I'm not sure how long it will take, but it will happen, and I will make it through this. The important thing is not to become over whelmed.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Obsessed with Dropping the Pounds not Obsessed with Dieting

I hate dieting, and I stink at it. I love to eat junk food, sweet food, and fatty food. Big problems for me trying to loose weight.

I have finally forced myself to start Weight Watchers. I hate it. My pride is injured because my mom says it is the only way to loose weight. I contend a person can eat healthy fats and loose weight, like a lot of healthy fats. I mean eating real sour cream, real whipped cream sweetened with raw sugar, using lots of real butter in cooking. I love whole wheat Belgian waffles with real maple syrup, and butter.

but in reality my problem is balance and Weight Watchers will fix that. So I have decided to do it modified with less bread, more protein and more good fats. I really hope this works.

I really told you all that just so I could tell you this. I believe that eggs are a super food. I hate eggs. But I have found a way to do Weight Watchers, eat an egg (with out it being a part of some type of pancake), and drink coffee. In a sauce pan I poor a cup of milk, and then I beat in an egg and I slowly heat this beating constantly. I used this concoction in my coffee in the morning. that with an all fruit smoothie and a piece of whole wheat toast makes for a very healthy, weight watcher friendly breakfast.

And I am just proud of myself, so I wanted to share.