Thursday, December 8, 2011


There are so many things to discuss today. I think I'll talk about humility.

You the Catholic Church teaches that Mary was perfect due to her Immaculate Conception, celebrated today, and her complete submission to God. She was completely humble. And today I begged for help keeping my kids quiet today, from the Blessed Mother. I think instead she gave me a lesson in humility.

Now I have been making bad choices this week. I keep leaving the gate open to the kitchen which has aided the toddler in dumping water from the water jug, dog bowl and the toilet brush. I chose to try to focus on Christmas shopping yesterday mornign that provided a very messy house and miserable kids. Today I chose to sit in the front at Mass.

As my son tromped to the front row today, I was debating whether it was a good idea. I really wanted to sit upfront. I think it is the most encouraging way to have my children participate in the Mass. My son is able to see everything, and he is very close to the tabernacle. These things I believe are really important to his understanding of the mass, so I figured everything would be fine. I was wrong.

My toddler was doing ok for the beginning of mass. She was a little squirmy, and she complained a bit but she seemed to be reasonably quiet. Then she decided that she no longer wanted to be by me, she no longer wanted the pew, she no longer wanted to be quiet, and I as I tried to keep her quiet she got louder and louder and threw a tremendous tantrum right during the most solemn part of the mass, keeping me stuck in the pew out of reverence for the Blesses Sacrament.

As soon as I was able I gathered my stuff and took my screaming toddler with my 3 year old to the back, leaving my five year old behind because he would not pay attention to me. the was a woman who came to the back and asked if I needed any help, and I lamented that my son was left behind. She kindly told him to come to the back, and to my horror, I saw him running down the center isle.

So now everyone knows without a doubt that yes my children are loud and everyone had it brought to their attention as I tried desperately to remove myself to the back. I am not a perfect mother, and I'm sure there were so many bad thoughts coming my way. I am very sorry for the huge disruption. I am completely humbled.