Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Can I just vent a little?

So now I need to just let it all out.

The Baby is teething. She is whinny and needy and oh my gosh! She is also independent and stubborn and opinionated. So combine all those things with Easter preparations, house cleaning, meal planning and these two other ingredients:

Abby: who is composed of screaming vigor and mischief. Who delights in making her afore mentioned little sister scream.
John: Who is five and knows everything. And can do everything himself.

And you've got a recipe for a crazy mama.

I thought egg decorating would be so fun. So first I told the kids to wait while I prepared the eggs. Then I realized that I shouldn't die the eggs in our dinning room because it is carpeted. Then while I was lining the table, which does not belong, in the kitchen, My son decides to drop an egg in the dye, which was stupidly in the dining room. Thankfully no mess ensued.

Then in the kitchen Abby almost slipped and fell off her chair. Then things started to calm down as the baby began to crawl around my ankles for me to pick her up. No she does not want me to carry her on my back. I pick the baby up. I move everyone into the dinning room now that the eggs are dry. My son says, "I know how to do it." drops an egg breaks it. I don't like to wast food so I tell him to eat it. But I don't want him to eat all the eggs since they are for Easter. Then Abby sees John eating an egg she wants one too. I promise her a new one. She breaks a pink one. John and Abby pester me over who gets to eat it. I give it to Abby. John finds another egg (I had just made more) begs to eat it. He does so spinning around the living room.

"Stop! sit down while to you eat!" He continues.... John coughs, and coughs. I He is fine when he calms down I say,
"That's why you sit down while you eat. Go sit down!" He sits for two seconds. The Egg is gone he starts running around and asks me for another egg. Then runs up to me and, That's right he looses his lunch! all over the carpet all the way to the bathroom. Abby is making the baby scream (I buckled the baby in the high chair). Now they are upstairs in the bathroom fighting, disobeying. The baby is crying and the house is a mess. I still have to get a big enough Easter Basket for the family and plan on the Paska and Babka. *sigh*


  1. I totally sympathize. Completely.

  2. You are scaring me from ever having dog doesn't do this even at his worst...

  3. oh it's like any other job. There are up days and down days, but it is very fulfilling and you are never alone with a family support system and a good husband at your side.