Monday, February 27, 2017

You know your behind on Laundry

I have been behind with the laundry since Christmas. I have finally learned something. Laundry is bigger than me. It is tougher than me. It is stronger than me. But it's still my job to fight against it.

I now have 6 kids ages 11-1. If my kids wash their own laundry this is what will happen: they will spill the detergent all over my basement. They will hang on the detergent dispenser and break it off the washing machine. They will close the door with laundry sticking out. Something bad will happen that will cost me hundreds of dollars. They will not be doing their own in the near future.

The laundry at the Bliss Farm has different stages. The laundry shoot stage. The dirty sorted stage. The clean and wet stage. The clean and dry stage. The waiting to be sorted stage. And finally the waiting to be put away stage. Anytime I catch up on one of these stages I am already light ages behind on the rest. 

I was so proud of myself for sorting and putting away four baskets of laundry in one night. Then I gathered the clothes off the floor of the bathroom after all the baths and showers where complete. I tossed the laundry down the shoot and, plop! Those clothes were practically in arms reach. The laundry was so backed up, it went up the laundry shoot. Laundry backed up two floors. Have you ever had two floors worth of laundry?

Then I went to the basement. There was a load sitting in the washer, waiting to be dried from the morning before, when I thought I was going to get ahead on all this laundry business. A clean load in the dryer wrinkling and a clean load in a basket in front of the drier. What? this is too much? Oh there is more.

This morning, I notice I only have partially filled baskets upstairs waiting to be folded and put away. I get down to my basement. There are two full hampers unsorted, sorted dirty jeans, darks, darks, brights and whites. Honestly this makes me feel like I've got this. The dirty stuff isn't climbing up the laundry shoot. Then I see it. Oh yes. Four baskets of clean laundry sitting in baskets waiting for me to bring them up stairs.

There is something to be said for knowing when your beat. Do you realize there are people out there that get paid for this? I do it, not for money but because I love my kids and my husband. That's it. Seems like a lousy ending, but I can't think of any other way to end this.