Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy 2nd Trimester!

That's right. I am finally 13 weeks along. The second trimester is supposed to be full of energy and well being. So far I still have some stomach and digestion issues as well as some food aversions that only hit me every once in a while. The real kicker is how tired I have been since Saturday! I am so flippin tired I can barely believe it; however, I am thrilled to not be as anal about my coffee consumption as baby is growing pretty big.

As far as my back is concerned, yoga does help, but it still bothers me occasionally especially when I am under certain kinds of stress. I think the back thing is becoming manageable, and I am happy about that.

This baby will be my fifth home birth. I am very excited about it. What I have learn is that preparations for labor can never be started too early. My sister, mother of 9, all homebirths, advised me that as soon as I am excited about preparing I should get on it. If I put it off, I may not feel I have the energy, and I have found that to be true.

Labor preparation has many different aspects to it. There is preparing your body, mind, soul, your home, and ensuring you have the supplies you need. I need to move my son out of his sisters' room so I will have to redecorate the 'girl' room and decorate the 'boy' room. Also I homeschool, so this year we are trying out a different area of our house as our 'school' room. That is going to need to be all prepared. I need to organize the baby stuff and the labor stuff. On top of this is also the exercises I need to do to get my body totally ready for a great birth.

I am feeling a little overwhelmed right now. I will be responsible for what at this point seems like so many children; I have to face labor again. While labor is an amazing event, unlike anything I know of, it is incredibly intense and painful. So I have some ideas as how to maximize pain management. I have finally realized that is what my objective is, so far as pain.

I came across a device called Laboraide. I don't know anyone who has used this, but the concept is intriguing. It is a dental appliance. It holds your mouth slightly open. I believe this would allow for vocalization and prevent teeth grinding. I'm sure you could just used a rag to bite down on, for a very traditional approach, but this would allow for mouth breathing. Supposedly this is one of the benefits, I guess because it allows the woman more oxygen and therefore more energy.

This is were I am currently with my pregnancy. I am enthusiastically awaiting new development!