Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Birth Box

I some how didn't realize that some people may actually want to know what a birth box is. Or at least what I call a birth box. Basically it is all the stuff needed for the birth, other than emergency medical items that will be brought by the attendant. I'll tell you what is in my awesome birth box that I am so proud of.

  • Trash bags,                
  • lots of towels (i'm having a water birth so I need extra),    
  • wash cloths,
  • underpads,                 
  • plastic dish pan,                                                                       
  • depends,                              
  • plastic drop cloths,  
  • inflatable birth pool,                                                             
  • flannel sheet,                       
  • cord band,                  
  • bulb syringe,                                                                         
  • paper tape measure,            
  • peri bottle,                
  • born at home birth certificate,                                         
  • disposable foot printer,           
  • pool thermometer,     
  • water hose,

two ziplock bags: 1with pink blanket and hat the other with blue, a ziplock bag with 4 cloth diapers + a blue diaper and hopefuly a pink diaper 

birth plan, and birth supply check list.

I know what each item is used for so I better understand what my midwives will be doing when the baby comes. I'm working with them, and they are working with me. Our goal is to safely bring this little baby into the world.

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