Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Anyone else wish for Spring?

I know that's a stupid question. Just about everyone wants it to be spring already. I have never been like this. I love the winter. As a kid I loved playing in the snow, as an adult I love looking out into the white world reminded of the presence of God. But now being a mother of three, I've had enough.

I am done wrapping them up and toting them around all bundled, only to have them either unbundle in the car or unbundle where we are and bundle them up again. I'm also done with the cabin fever. My kids are bored. They have so much energy and when I try to get it out of them by sending them out side they don't do anything out there. They just walk around and get cold. Then they come in all charge from the cold. My son spent 5 minutes spinning in the kitchen. just spinning. My poor kid.

So come on spring come back!


  1. I find that a mini-trampoline helps burn off kid energy.

  2. My mom always put food coloring in old dish soap bottles for us to spray in the snow outside to do snow art! Or you can go to the library sit in the children's area...usually there are lots of puzzles and things to do for awhile to keep from getting too bored. Children's museums were lots of fun too with my little brothers!